Kitenge Collection

Kitenge is an East African colourful fabric with bold and beautiful prints representing the colour and life of Africa. They are similar to a sarong, often worn and wrapped around the chest or waist, as a beach accessory, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling.

Kitenge is similar to kangas and kikoy, but are of a thicker cotton cloth and have an edging on only one long side. The printing on the cloth is done by a traditional batik technique, known as wax prints and the design is equally as bright and detailed on both sides of the fabric. They are sometimes tied together and used as decorative pieces at the dinner table, or can bring a new vibrancy and feel to a room as decor or wall art. 

The Tiro Tribe Kitenge collection has a wide choice of colours to suit every taste, many are one of a kind, curated individually from Kenya.

All are the single size of 103cm x 173cm. 

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