Kanga & Kanga Bags

Kanga (also known as 'leso') in Kenya is a rectangular shaped, 100% pure cotton printed fabric, similar to a sarong. They are brightly coloured, usually with a decorative border around the edge and includes a swahili proverb. They have been traditionally worn by women on the East African coast for a long time, with the sayings as way of communication within the community. All our kangas are from Kenya and our kanga bags are handmade only from this type of fabric. You'll still find them on the beaches of Kenya blowing in the wind, reminding me of the gorgeous vibrancy and colour of Africa.

All our bags are designed in Australia. Custom and wholesale orders also available. Our kanga bags are strong and versatile, with 2 shoulder straps. Great for  everyday use for shopping, kids, the beach, yoga, gym, laptop, work, baby bag and more.

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